Group Purpose

The walking group is a local branch of the Ramblers Association based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and was established in 2001 to meet the needs of people in their 20’s and 30’s alongside the other ramblers groups. The group is one of a series of similar groups nation-wide.

The group is established and run by a Ramblers approved constitution. The group is essentially a mechanism for a group of adults to be able to engage in a range of walking and related activities with similarly minded adults. The programme of walks and activities will be arrived at by sharing of responsibility throughout the membership.

To enable the group to function effectively, to have some clarity regarding shared responsibilities and points of contact if any “issues” arise some elements of formality exist in the nature of an AGM and a committee.

There is little need for finances but those finances the group accrues from membership affiliation will be managed by the treasurer and reported to the AGM. A set of accounts will be passed to the Regional R.A.

Given the focus of the group is on people in their twenties and thirties the majority of the committee should be made up of people in this age range where practicable.

An AGM will be held each year where members will have the opportunity to meet to elect people to relevant positions and share responsibility for ensuring that the group continues to meet its purpose.